Laura Formanek (she/her)
I am a multi-disciplinary artist, primarily working with video and time-based media. My work explores human stories that connect us closer to the world around us. I focus on projects that impact the community by expanding beyond the works themselves through an educational experience, by forging togetherness or catalyzing change. I uplift the voices of strong, diverse women of both past and present to inspire a path forward for women of the future. Drawing inspiration from lived experience of such women, my focus for this project will be creating animated collage featuring historical photographs and archival media.
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Public speaking
September 30, 2022
DSM Arts Festival MicroGrant Dinner (winner)
Walking with Women to Greatness Video Installation Project
January 11, 2023
Young Nonprofit Professionals Network
"Finding your Storytelling Niche: What do you offer your local community that sets you apart?"
March 4, 2023
World Information Architecture Day
"Finding the Way to Sharing Your “Why”: Growing Your Video Infrastructure"
March 22, 2023
DSM Partnership Small Business Success Summit
Pitch Competition Finalist: Studio Process
March 25, 2023
Supporting Women in the Film Industry
Panel member
January 30, 2024
Habitat for Humanity Affiliate Winter Workshop Training
Marketing speaker
"Growing your (video) storytelling infrastructure and promoting your niche in the community"

February 27, 2024
Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines
For Impact Leaders speaker
"Executive Leadership: Ethics in Storytelling"
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